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mightyboosh_ru's Journal

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Mighty Boosh: russian fan club
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клуб любителей британского комедийного теле-шоу the Mighty Boosh

Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the world of the Mighty Boosh.

Русские субтитры к эпизодам Майти Буш:

1x01 - Killeroo [скачать]
1x02 - Mutants [скачать]
1x03 - Bollo [скачать]
1x04 - Tundra [скачать]
1x05 - Jungle [скачать]
1x06 - Charlie [скачать]
1x07 - Electro [скачать]
1x08 - Hitcher [скачать]
2x01 - The Call of the Yeti [скачать]
2x02 - The Priest and the Beast [скачать]
2x03 - Nanageddon [скачать]
2x04 - Fountain of Youth [скачать]
2x05 - The Legend of Old Gregg- [скачать]
2x06 - The Nightmare of Milky Joe [скачать]
3x01 - Eels [скачать]
3x02 - Journey to the Centre of Punk [скачать]
3x03 - The Power of the Crimp [скачать]
3x04 - The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox [скачать]
3x05 - Party[скачать]
3x06 - The Chokes [скачать]

Social capital

  • less than 10